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Welcome to the VW Guild website!

Void Walkers is a guild for Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO who will make a dedicated effort to advance as a PVP/PVE empire side guild.
Guild News

Wound in the Force

Nethod, Dec 12, 11 7:52 PM.
We will be playing on Wound in the Force server. Just got the email today


Nethod, Dec 8, 11 11:21 PM.
DEC 13TH, No word which server we'll be on. I haven't gotten any notice, but it'll be pvp and west coast.

Weekend Beta Tests - A personal experience

Nethod, Dec 5, 11 7:34 PM.
Beta is looking good. Although my crappy old ATI video cards can't run the shaders properly, ToR is looking polished.

I got a chance to pvp a little with my Power Armor Bounty Hunter. Maybe it was because of a level difference i didn't see or they didn't play through the story as much as i did for the weapon mods, but PA was a little too overpowered.

First off, the burst DPS of the set...I chained up attacks starting with a sticky missle which takes a few seconds before it explodes. While the timer is cooling down on it, I hit with Death From Above, Missle blast, rapid shots, and Unload (Don't quote me on the names, i was drunk.) Then the sticky missle explodes and my prey is either almost or all the way at half HP. 2 choices they could do, (try to) run, or try at attack. For those runners, I follow and rechain the same attacks. For the brave, Rocket Punch shadooken style and the biggest crit machine of the power armor set for close range, Flamethrower.

Low level pvp shows promise, but I am guessing things will become more technical in higher levels.

See you all in the Pre-Launch.
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